I have been a fan of his work since I discovered his illustrations in Dungeons & Dragons in the '90s. One of my favorite things that he has worked on is his designs for Magic: The Gathering the trading card game. If I had to summarize Stephen, here is how I'd describe him:

The spark for your creativity that releases your dream. An experienced professional who is enthusiastic about creating compelling, long-lasting partnerships and immersive experiences. Stephen has collaborated with leading companies for more than twenty years, collaborated with American and Japanese developers, and led groups to overcome challenges and produce games on time and under budget.

Nothing is more crucial than communicating effectively. Daniele thrives on planning, fixing issues, and getting things done. He is results-oriented and well-organized and worked with teams throughout the world to make sure they fulfill commitments and keep partners informed at every stage of the process.



Review of Works Containing Setephen's Illustrations